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How Does JoiPhone Works

When you make a call using your regular telephone with the JoiPhone’s Service, you’ll be able to dial just as you always have. JoiPhone assigns you a regular telephone number and a dial tone, then enable you to send calls using regular telephones and receive calls from any regular telephone or cellular phone.

When using JoiPhone Service you don’t need a wall jack, your regular phone is hooked into the Internet via the JoiPhone Adapter we will provide to you.

Although you need Broadband Internet connection (High Speed Internet) you don’t need a computer in order to use JoiPhone Service. Once you've subscribed to JoiPhone Service we will send the Adapter which you simply connect to your cable or DSL modem and then connect your regular phone to the Adapter and you are ready to make and receive calls.

Here is example of how JoiPhone Digital phone service works using JoiPhone RTP-300 Adapter:

JoiPhone Install

What Kind of Equipment Do I Need?
First you need High Speed Internet connection, or broadband Internet connection. To use JoiPhone Digital telephone service you will need a regular telephone (any analog or cordless phone you are using with your traditional telephone service) and JoiPhone’s adapter. If you are calling a regular telephone number, the person you are calling does not need any special equipment, just a telephone.

Can I keep my number?
You may keep the same phone number you have today.

How Do I Use My JoiPhone VoIP Service?
With JoiPhone Digital service you  use a regular telephone which is connected to the JoiPhone’s adaptor, you place and receive calls much like you do with regular telephone service.

What Are Advantages of JoiPhone?

JoiPhone offers features and services that are not available with more traditional telephone services. With JoiPhone. Assuming you have an Internet connection and the necessary equipment, you can also take your VoIP service with you when you travel.

With JoiPhone Digital Service, Is There a Difference Between Making a Local Call and a Long Distance Call?
We offer Service plans that permit you to call anywhere in the continental United States plus 9 other countries for a flat rate and we offer Service plans that offer a flat rate for a fixed number of minutes.

JoiPhone Cheap Phone Service!

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JoiPhone provides users an affordable alternative to traditional telephone service. JoiPhone 911 service operates differently than tradition 911. See Credit Card and High-Speed Internet required. Alarms and other systems may not be compatible with JoiPhone. Plan prices exclude taxes, 911 fees, recovery cost, setup fee and shipping. All plans are subject to reasonable residential usage limitations (domestic or international). Sign-up to JoiPhone today and start saving money on all your telephone calls.

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