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Home Phone Service Gets a Makeover

The number of consumers subscribing to broadband home phone service is increasing each day. Due to faster internet connections, more service availability and word spreading of its benefits, home phone service is experiencing a drastic makeover and changing the way subscribers make phone calls.

In the US, home phone service is being offered at competitive rates especially for those homes where internet providers are extending their services to include phone services.

JoiPhone is one company continually announcing expansions into cities across the US in a bid to a make their services more available and to cover even more areas. Over the past year, the company has aggressively introduced over thousands of new numbers to cities and locations throughout the country—bringing competitive home phone service to more and more communities and expanding service availability.

Joe Egosi, the Chief Executive Officer of Joi Internet ( commented that over ten thousand numbers were added this month alone and attributes JoiPhone's expansion efforts to the fact that all Americans deserve better service at the lowest price. Egosi also forecasted that the efficiency of IP over analog services will be seen more as broadband internet service becomes the norm.

Predictions made by research firm Frost and Sullivan on the North American Residential VoIP Markets point to an increased market revenue from $295.1 million in 2004 to $4,076.7 million in 2010.

Considering the cost savings and advantages to subscribing to broadband home phone service, these numbers are far from alarming.

Choosing home phone service from JoiPhone gives users the option to make low rate international calls, add additional phone numbers to their account, better manage the advanced features included in the calling plan like web management of voicemail or enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling. This could translate into savings of up to $450.00 a year on users phone bills, the company claims.

In addition, as the future of VoIP communications has arrived, Home Phone service is particularly changing to meet customer demands and provide affordable, low-cost phone calls to users across the globe.


Stefania Viscusi is an established writer and avid reader. To see more of her articles, please visit Stefania Viscusi’s columnist page.

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