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Phone Service Costs Drop, But Not Quality

TMCnet Assistant Editor for Channels

Even with all of the hype built around VoIP and the actual benefits it is providing, there is still room for improvement of phone service. And that’s exactly what phone service provider, JoiPhone ( is doing.

One of the biggest attractions pulling people into more affordable, feature-rich phone service is just that—the cost savings and the enhanced functionality it provides.

Most internet phone services are pretty cost sensible when they're compared against the cost of traditional landline services from carriers.  

With JoiPhone's phone service offerings you can have the service up and running in minutes after deciding to sign-up. It takes just seconds to login to your new phone service account, setup your voice mail, record your greeting and give people your new number.

Another great thing about the growing technologies of this day is phone number portability, which allows you to keep your old phone number, if desired.

Phone service from VoIP telephony service providers include the same features as traditional carriers like caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, follow me, call waiting etc. as well as enhanced calling options like the ability to receive voicemail via email, turn features on and off and mange phone service all from an internet browser or from your handset phone.

One of the phone service plans offered by JoiPhone, JoiPhone Unlimited, features unlimited local calling and the ability to call anywhere in the US--- with Canada soon to be added to the list.

Now, JoiPhone is also slashing prices for its customers and offering a promotional, "2 for the price of 1" sale -- for services that are significantly lower than even the other low cost internet phone services are offering--while still remaining reliable.

The promotional offer allows users who sign up for the JoiPhone Unlimited month to month plan for one year at $17.95/mo to get a second line for free.

This is great for those who need, or are used to having, more than one line. Whether it's having an open line at home when one member of the household seems to always tie up the phone, or you want a separate line for certain callers—this is possible with internet phone service from JoiPhone, and can do so without having to pay for it.

For users that don’t need unlimited calling, JoiPhone also offers a fully featured phone line for $4.95 a month designed to make possible for millions of families in US to have reliable phone service for a price they can afford.

What is also significant about JoiPhone is that while phone service is getting significantly more affordable, quality and features do not suffer. Customers are continuously offered more features than most phone service providers offer and they don’t have to increase prices in fact they are lowering them by more then 50 percent.

Also, there is no contract with the phone service plans so customers can cancel the yearly plan at any time for a pro rated refund.

Taking a look at recent customer reviews, it seems a high value in the JoiPhone service is found in its ability to not make it known to callers that VoIP is in use. 

Commenting on their experience with the phone service one customer said, "I have been using JoiPhone for about 6 months now. I am very pleased with the service. They have more features then any VoIP service I could find and all of the features came included. Their customer service is also great. I don’t have to wait for a stupid computerized voice to prompt me. When you call, you get connected to a life person from the United States immediately. No outsourcing to India and other countries. I definitely recommend this service. Plus they have a 30 day money back guarantee."


tefania Viscusi is an established writer and avid reader. To see more of her articles, please visit Stefania Viscusi’s columnist page.

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JoiPhone Cheap Phone Service!

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