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JoiPhone: Getting Quality Phone Service the Easy Way

TMCnet Assistant Editor for Channels

Getting a phone service shouldn’t be a complicated task in today's advanced and competitive space of communications. But for many consumers looking to phone service, attaining a phone service that offers the most beneficial features at a price that is affordable can be difficult.

When looking for a phone service to purchase, it is important to pair with a phone service provider who is for the consumer. JoiPhone is a pro-customer oriented company and provides phone service set-up that is easy for any customer to quickly get started using their phone service.

Signing up with JoiPhone for phone service can be done online or over the phone. Also to attain the phone service, users need only connect the JoiPhone adaptor—which is plug-and-play. The entire signup process for the phone service up until actually making phone calls with the phone service, can take as little as one day-- or up to 4 days if the adaptor is shipped via FedEx ground.

JoiPhone also makes it easy for customers to open an account and quickly get started using their phone service. With the phone service, customers need not worry about extra fees either, and as long as they sign up for more than one month phone service, there is no contract---so customers can cancel the phone service at anytime for a prorated refund.

Not only does JoiPhone's service present customers with all of the above mentioned benefits, but they also offer customers a chance to try the phone service, risk-free!

If you are tired of worrying about the hassle of getting a new, more cost-effective phone service, but are looking to benefit from the advantages of VoIP technology and want a broadband phone service for your home or business, then look into signing up with JoiPhone, so you can start saving BIG on your phone service bill.

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JoiPhone Cheap Phone Service!

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JoiPhone provides users an affordable alternative to traditional telephone service. JoiPhone 911 service operates differently than tradition 911. See Credit Card and High-Speed Internet required. Alarms and other systems may not be compatible with JoiPhone. Plan prices exclude taxes, 911 fees, recovery cost, setup fee and shipping. All plans are subject to reasonable residential usage limitations (domestic or international). Sign-up to JoiPhone today and start saving money on all your telephone calls.

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