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Personal Voicemail is a full-featured voicemail system that accepts and stores your caller’s messages via phone, email or the web. Messages are automatically converted to audio .wav files and forwarded as an attachment in an


JoiPhone Auto Attendant can be used to find an appropriate phone
extension. The directory is usually set up last name followed by first
name or the name of the department i.e. sales, marketing, accounting
or a company phone directory. Once the option name is announced the
caller can press # and it will automatically ring the extension. While the
caller is waiting for the appropriate extension he/she can listen to a
music on hold or to a promotion, driving direction or hours of operation.
Other features of JoiPhone Auto Attendant include transferring to
another outside phone line.

How can I dial International calling from my cell phone?
Say you want to call your mother in the United Kingdom, you program
your mother's number in London (i.e. 011-44-1322 345 7786) into the
JoiPhone Auto Attendant, label the entry as “mother” and set it as
extension #5.  When you call your JoiPhone from your cell phone, you
will hear the JoiPhone Auto Attendant welcome greeting. Press #5 on
your cell phone and the JoiPhone Auto Attendant will dial your mother’s
number in the UK for you.

How much will I pay for International calls using a remote phone and JoiPhone Auto Attendant?
Your JoiPhone account will be charged the International rate found on

How much will I pay for calls transferred in the US using the JoiPhone Auto Attendant?
There is a 2¢ per minute charge.

How do I set music on hold on my JoiPhone Auto Attendant?
You may upload any .MP3 file from your PC into the JoiPhone Auto Attendant or use the default music on hold that is built in ready for use.

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Home Phone Service with your standard broadband connection

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JoiPhone provides users an affordable alternative to traditional telephone service. JoiPhone 911 service operates differently than tradition 911. See Credit Card and High-Speed Internet required. Alarms and other systems may not be compatible with JoiPhone. Plan prices exclude taxes, 911 fees, recovery cost, setup fee and shipping. All plans are subject to reasonable residential usage limitations (domestic or international). Sign-up to JoiPhone today and start saving money on all your telephone calls.

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