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JoiPhone Cheap Home Phone Service

Keep in touch without all the big fees. Establish a Virtual Phone Number in any major US city or over 60 countries world-wide; wherever your friends, family, or customers live, they can call you for the price of a local call.

Whether they're in New York or California or even another country, your family and friends can call you like you're right next door.

Can I get a virtual number in Hawaii or Alaska?
Yes, JoiPhone offer Alaska and Hawaii numbers for $10/mo (Click Here) for more details.

Can I get a virtual number in other countries?
JoiPhone now offer Virtual numbers in over 40 countries. International Virtual numbers are only $4.95/mo and up (Click Here) for more details.

JoiPhone Virtual Phone Numbers are inexpensive secondary numbers that ring to your primary JoiPhone line.

For example:
Let's say that you live in New York where your JoiPhone primary number has 646. Your mom lives in Florida. Her area code is 954. You could get a virtual phone number in 954 that rings to your 646 line.

Now mom doesn't have to pay long distance charges when she calls you. Virtual Numbers are only available to JoiPhone account holders.

And you get the local presence without all the expensive overhead -- Virtual Numbers can be as inexpensive as $1.95 per month!

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Home Phone Service with your standard broadband connection

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JoiPhone provides users an affordable alternative to traditional telephone service. JoiPhone 911 service operates differently than tradition 911. See www.JoiPhone.com/911. Credit Card and High-Speed Internet required. Alarms and other systems may not be compatible with JoiPhone. Plan prices exclude taxes, 911 fees, recovery cost, setup fee and shipping. All plans are subject to reasonable residential usage limitations (domestic or international). Sign-up to JoiPhone today and start saving money on all your telephone calls.

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